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Culloden is the proud home of the Culloden Highland Games, and the annual Homecoming Parade/Blues & Gospel Celebration.  At the Highland Games, athletic competitions -- a lot of them -- are up and ready for your perusal.  We also boasted the national champion caber competitor for 1999.  The annual Homecoming Parade is designed to bring home all of Culloden's successful sons and daughters -- and the grandsons and granddaughters of former successful citizens. -- to celebrate their roots.

The City Festival Grounds, around which all activities in Culloden are centered, are not limited to these three annual activities. Culloden, with its rural atmosphere, is the perfect place for family reunions -- no matter whence your family hails -- Scottish Clan gatherings, church Homecomings, class reunions and nearly any other event in which people congregate for fun, food and fellowship. The City Grounds are available for rental by groups year-round for one-time use or on an annual basis.

All field activities must be approved by Culloden City Council. For information call City Clerk Lisa Elder at 478-885-2249.

Monroe County's oldest town, Culloden, Ga. was first settled in the late 1700s by William Culloden, a Scotsman. It has always been an agricultural community. The 104-year-old Dickey Peach Farms, with its stand at the corner of Highways 341 and 74 drawing visitors from miles around, is one example. Other agricultural businesses include Elm Oak Nursery, famous for its Christmas poinsettias and a wide range of landscape offerings; and forestry, feed, production, transportation, safety and other industries.

The town of 300 residents is rediscovering its Scottish roots and branching out into one of Georgia's newest industries: tourism. Amenities include two convenience stores, an auto and tire repair shop and a laundromat.

Culloden also is actively pursuing the preservation of its historic past, with its foremost project being the renovation of the  Schoolhouse auditorium as a community center.

Georgia's Peach Blossom Trail follows Highway 341 through Culloden, also easily reached through other highways and byways.

Ride your ATV to your heart's content at Rocky Creek. All are convenient to Forsyth, the hub of Monroe County, where one can find the Forsyth Square Bed and Breakfast Inn; Thomaston, in nearby Upson County, home of the Thomaston-Upson Archives; and Barnesville, in Lamar County. In the latter historic city can be found the antebellum Rose Inn, just 16 miles alway from the Culloden Festival Grounds. All three larger towns offer ample accomodations to tourists.

Culloden also is home to many denominations of churches, including several historic structures. In the center of the town's historic district is the Culloden Methodist Church founded in 1802.

Culloden has many other churches including Culloden Primitive Baptist Church, also nearing its centennial; Culloden Missionary Baptist Church which can be found next to the historic Schoolhouse Auditorium now undergoing extensive renovation; St. Phillips AME; Jackson Holiness Church; Orange Grove Missionary Baptist Church; and Wright's Chapel (independent). These churches welcome visitors to our fine historic town. Culloden also is home to Land of Promise, a Baptist religious retreat and drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Like its namesake of Culloden, Scotland, the small town of Culloden, Georgia also has its own battlefield. Both battles were fought in April -- the Scottish Battle of Culloden, took place April 16, 1746. The Civil War Battle of Culloden -- with the home militia taking on two regiments of Federal mounted infantry -- took place in April 1865, as the Confederacy surrendered, thus preserving the U.S.A. as a united republic. Some memorabilia of the battle can be seen in the Culloden museum cited by the Georgia Department of Tourism, Industry and Trade as a Civil War museum.


For information on Culloden and its festivals and amenities write Culloden City Clerk Lisa Elder at P.O. Box 109, Culloden, Ga. 31016.

Photos and information on this Website are provided courtesy of the Monroe County Reporter in Forsyth, Ga.; the Georgia Post in Roberta, Ga., Sherri Ellington, Tyler Mitchell and Martha Findlay. Many thanks to the Thomaston-Upson Archives for the Civil War information.

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